When I received an invitation to attend and perform at the world class festival Music@Menlo, I was so excited to learn that I would be collaborating with old and new friends I've made on my path as a performing artist.  

Among those I will be working with: violinist Boson Mo whom I read quartets with within my first week at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  His sincere devotion to chamber music and his humility as a servant to art and music is admirable and inspiring!  I've had the pleasure of becoming friends with violist DJ Cheek at the wonderful chamber music festival of Yellow Barn.  His fiery enthusiasm and intensity during performance is certainly one of a kind, and hilarity would always ensue between concerts and rehearsals due to his fabulous sense of humor!  When it came to a serious performance, he is always spot on!  Violinist Peter Iivonen is a newer acquaintance I made this past March in Seoul, Korea.  We met for the first time after the semi-final results at the Seoul International Music Competition, and it's hard not to make friends following the euphoria of learning that we had advanced!  He is a fantastic violinist, and it will be a pleasure to make music with Peter outside of the atmosphere of a violin competition!